Recycling with ILACSDRecycling simply means…

“to take something old or used and make something new.”

But, recycling actually has 3 different phases:

  1. Recyclable materials (cans, plastics, glass and paper) are separated from trash and other waste.
  2. These materials are broken down and reused as raw material to produce new products.
  3. The recycling process is completed when the new products are put to use. This process is the “Recycling Cycle” or “Closing the Loop.”

What do I do with…?

Easily recycle and properly dispose toxic materials by using our convenient database, Almost anything can be recycled! From cans and bottles to appliances and construction materials. Visit the website, fill in your information and we’ll tell you where to find a recycling center near you!

Open 24/7! Visit our Online Recycling Center to find a center location near you in the San Diego vicinity.


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