San Ysidro is Ready for Coastal Cleanup Day!

Hi, I’m Violette, the ILACSD marketing intern! For my first Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD) I had the opportunity to learn about a few site captains that help CCD have such a large impact on San Diego.

CCD16 - Central site capt mtg (7)
Irene sharing about San Ysidro with fellow site captains.

The 32nd annual Coastal Cleanup Day is around the corner (Saturday, Sept. 17), and we wanted to highlight a few of the site captains that help make this event possible! Site captains lead volunteers at one of the 100+ sites in San Diego County to help organize and impact that site. Irene, site captain of Howard Lane park, is one of many amazing site captains that help keep San Diego clean.

As a new Site Captain, Irene is going forward with a positive attitude and determination to coordinate a great cleanup.

Although this will be Irene’s first time as a site captain, it is certainly not her first cleanup. She and her Girl Scout troop have been doing cleanups in the San Ysidro area for about six years! Aside from the first time site captain nerves, Irene has the experience, and is eager to plan and execute a strategy to clean her site in the most effective way. She wants to use her influence as site captain to help others recognize the importance of properly disposing of trash, and bring hope for a cleaner San Ysidro.

Similar too many of our other cleanup sites, Irene sees illegal dumping and littering in these neighborhoods. Sometimes this occurs in such large quantities, that Irene is ready to take this into her own hands. As a member of the San Ysidro community, Irene hopes to inspire neighborhood pride by helping to create a cleaner community that the residents will want to keep beautiful.

some trash commonly found at many sites such as San Ysidro
Some trash commonly found at many sites such as San Ysidro

Being the leader of Girl Scout Troop 5912 also inspired Irene to become a site captain for Howard Lane Park. Leading a troop larger than most, and becoming a site captain is an opportunity to motivate smaller troops with the excitement to attend the cleanup. Not only do the Scouts have fun cleaning-up with other troops, but they also receive a patch! The free patches are very popular among scouts, and scout leaders like Irene. Irene always encourages her Girl Scouts to do more than what is expected, and hopes to bring that same attitude to her CCD volunteers!

a few patches girl/boy scouts receive after a cleanup!
Patch requests will be available at following Sept. 17!

And here’s a sneak peek at this year’s patch design, too! Drum roll please….


For others considering volunteering at Coastal Cleanup Day, Irene urges them to come out to set an example for others to care about the quality of their neighborhood. Most importantly, Coastal Cleanup Day is something that makes you feel good because you are doing good for the environment!

Thank you to the San Ysidro Community Foundation for supporting our San Ysidro sites!


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