Zero Waste Labor Day Party

This Labor Day, enjoy your friends and family while protecting the environment. Here are four Zero Waste Tips for the holiday weekend:

  1. Enjoy your beverage in a zero waste fashion- either have everyone bring their own mug or provide everyone with a fun decorated reusable cup. This way, all of your guests will know which container belongs to them and can continue to use it throughout the night. Take it one step further and exchange plastic straws for paper, glass, or metal straws. ILACSD sells these lovely metal reusable straws, too!sam instafamous
  2. Send out evites or make a Facebook invite instead of sending out mail invitations to save paper.
  3. Use reusable utensils and waste labor day weekend blog
  4. Buy some bulky food! This will reduce the packaging that would otherwise go to our landfills or end up as litter.
  • Most burgers, both meat and the veggie kind will freeze well and so do buns. Just take out the necessities for the party and freeze the rest.
  • Instead of buying packaged veggies and dip, buy bulk carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, bell peppers, and any other veggies and cut them up. Serve them home-made ranch dressing or hummus and enjoy!

Reuseable bag for bulk items

We hope you use one or all of these tips to stay sustainable during your fun weekend plans. Happy Labor Day!


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