Top Six Reasons to Volunteer for Coastal Cleanup Day!

With Coastal Cleanup Day just a few days away, we thought we’d give you a few more reasons why you should get up early on Saturday and join us to volunteer! If these reasons don’t motivate you to give back this weekend, we don’t know what will! Sign up now at

You should volunteer for Coastal Cleanup Day if…

…you think albatross’ stomachs shouldn’t be filled with plastic!

Kure Laysan Carcass

…you like free stuff, like reusable tote bags and lunch from Chipotle!


…you need community service hours for school or work!


…you can’t afford a gym membership, but you want to get a workout in – we’ve got tires galore to push up canyons!


…you’ve ever swam in the ocean with a cigarette butt!


KAAB 2011 shark and mission bay

…you want to keep San Diego America’s Finest City!


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