San Diego Needs Your Love this Valentine’s Day

We're showing the next generation of San Diegans how to care for our environment.

The staff and volunteers here at I Love A Clean San Diego work year-round to preserve the San Diego way of life that we all love. Our volunteers picked up 241 tons of trash last year, but there is still much more to be done to keep our city, it’s beaches, canyons, and parks beautiful and healthy for everyone to enjoy.

This Valentine’s Day, express your love for the environment by donating to I Love A Clean San Diego! Your support helps us continue to engage thousands of San Diegans in environmental events and educational programs that improve the quality of life in San Diego by caring for the natural environment. Every dollar counts, instead of buying gifts this year, here are suggestions for ways to show your love to San Diego today:

  • Donate $5 instead of a box of chocolates
  • Donate $10 instead of a cute teddy bear
  • Donate $25 instead of a dozen roses

Our community depends on us to provide much needed environmental programs and we depend on supporters like you to keep those programs growing.

Donate Today!

Tell us why YOU love a clean San Diego on our Facebook page!


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